(pigmentedsky) wrote in speakophelia,


let the rain fall down

Just a small peice of prose I wrote.

I run outside. My feet send tears of rain flying in every direction. I spin, throwing my head back. Swirls of light hover above me. Magic, I tell myself, pure magic. Catching the rain in my mouth, feeling the sweet liquid slide down my parched throat is bliss. My hair is soaking wet now, dripping down my back, making my nightgown stick to my body. Again, I spin, the now heavier rain pouring onto my face. It cleanses me, my soul.

Tommorrow the leaves will be covered in silky dew, shining in the sunlight. The puddles will have dried up, leaving only memories of the night before. Every night I go out in the feild behind our house and just stare at the sky. Especially if it rains, the stars are crying when it rains, and the clouds are trying to hide it, but the drops just seep through.

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