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new here

i forgot how i managed to stumble across this community, but, i'm a photographer.

my photos are on a site since i can't figure out how to put them on here, but neway:
These are pictures of a thunderstorm that happened a couple of weeks ago where i live
1) the storm barley started, you can see the blue sky beneath the brown clouds
2) my little brother being a dork; the clouds start to darken
3) the fort in my backyard; the clouds darken a little more; you can still see a patch of the blue skies at the bottom right corner
4) *my favorite one* the sky is red, the pic is of the house across the street with a tree in the front yard.

here they are 

enjoy! ^_^;;


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very pretty!

welcome to speakophelia too!
thank you!
I like the last one :)

oh and here is the code for making an image :)